Monday, January 2, 2012

2/365 A Necklace a Day

Day 2! Is it worrisome that this post is happening at almost 11pm on day 2? Perhaps but I had the design in my head and I knew I wasn't getting home until later so I am completely ok with it.

Here it is! Completely inspired by Game of Thrones the TV show that I am currently obsessed with. They wear so much gorgeous fur in the show for about a week after I finished the first season I wandered around telling everyone how much I wanted a fur cape. Originally I was thinking of a fur/crochet hybrid scarf but I decided to scale it down to fit the necklace theme.

-Faux fur
-braided recycled tshirt scraps
-silver chain

See all that cozy fur goodness? Winter may be coming but they are going to look good doing it. P.S. I have a thing for Sean Bean as well. Love him.

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