Thursday, January 5, 2012

4/365 A Necklace a Day....late edition.

Day 4...a bit late. I will not feel bad about this though because this was completely technical difficulties territory. The necklace was made and photographed but I could not get on the internet last night. So here is day four with day five arriving this afternoon.

A bit of free form crochet in a white and sparkly yarn. I am also using this project to work on some of my yarn stash as well. I think any crafter around will agree with me that it is always a problem : )

Bit hard to see some of the chunky details in the pics but it was  a fun one to make. 

Shout out to my mom who bought me a little baby space-heater the other day. I am a basement dweller now and I guess I complained one to many times about being cold. But good lord does this little heater feel good on me right now!!!

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