Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wedding Extravaganza 2015

Every year RIGHT AFTER THE HOLIDAYS our town holds this huge "Wedding Extravaganza" at our civic center as a kick-off to the wedding planning season. So right after everyone gets their ring for Christmas they can come down and check out pretty much every wedding vendor in town. Its lots of djs and photographers, venues and rental depots. And of course cake. Cake and other food. People looove their samples!

Every vendor there spends big bucks to have a booth and brides also spend some cash to even get in. There is a lot of money being made somewhere here but I digress a bit. The grocery chain I work for has three locations in town and for this one event we band together to make a super kick-ass display of cakes, flowers, and catering. All the big display cakes are fake underneath but it is a cool way to show off a bit and show the people what we can do. Each of our stores is expected to bring 5 cakes, along with matching bouquets and other floral arrangements and samples. We meet months earlier to talk broad-strokes to make sure we are not doing anything too similar and to decide who will bring what flavor of cake for samples. Its a lot of work but it is a chance to showcase our best. Did I mention it is RIGHT AFTER THE HOLIDAYS!!!? Argh. I don't know why it couldn't be held any other weekend in January but its always right after busy bakery season plus personal holiday business and all sorts of busy!

I contributed 2 tier cakes and some cupcakes and overall I do think the show was a big hit.

 My cake is the square one on the corner and this shot gives you a bit of an idea of our booth!
I am pretty happy with my 1920's square cake. It was a challenge as I am still working on my fondant skills but I am glad I pushed myself. The wedding show is a great time to experiment and try something that probably wouldn't normally be ordered.
And this is my large petal cake. There are many lovely versions out there on pinterest and the like. Mine I dusted the edges of the petals with some purple luster dust to give it just a hint of color and sparkle. What I love about this cake is that it is so versatile. You can keep it solid white or really get crazy with color, whatever will match your wedding best!

Happy with the day overall but glad its done. Every year we say "It wont be like this next year, next year we will plan ahead!". Well as long as it continues to be right after the holidays I'm sure we will continue to scramble. Oh well. Yay cake!

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