Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Currently Obsessed With: Agent Carter

I had the good fortune of watching Agent Carter tonight! I don't think I am being too dramatic when I say that this is now my new favorite thing ever. Comic books, awesome heroine, and 40's amazingness? Yes Please! Seriously I just finished watching it on hulu about 20 minutes ago. The premier was last night and after a quick google search I found lots of reviews that were either positive, or saying something to the effect of the feminism was too heavy handed. To refrain from going on a rant/tangent on THAT topic lets focus on the important things here shall we? Like the fabulous vintageness of the ENTIRE show. Hair, makeup, shoes, stockings, cars, buildings, suits, ties, this show is a vintage lovers dream! One of the main reasons Captain America has been my favorite Avenger and Marvel movie so far is that it is set in the 40s. Can't gush enough. I would love to really delve in and talk costuming on this show. Are other vintage lovers thinking the same? I wonder if I will be able to find some like-minded bloggers out there on the case already.

Love love love!

What a bombshell! Did I mention that she had poison lipstick?! Where can I get me some of that?

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