Monday, May 2, 2011

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

Yes this is the title of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins song but it also describes today's post. These are some of the last few bowls that I painted at work. We had been having problems with these little heart bowls so I was allowed to paint these one day on the clock. Best day ever. I just used our little 'funwriters' to decorate them in hopes that they would turn out at least a little bit. These bowl were to be donated to our local 'Empty Bowls' fundraiser to raise money for the local food shelf. The program is really cool, basically you buy your ticket, get a bowl of soup and some bread made by local restaurants and then you get to pick out a handmade/hand painted bowl to take home! Last year I had just started my job so I submitted a couple of really sad looking bowls. This year I was really excited to make a whole bunch of bowls. Our store donated 400 bowls last year. Too bad we closed... I was told that these few would still be donated. I hope that actually happens.

 This is my Wizard of Oz bowl and it might be my favorite. I made an itsy bitsy Emerald city complete with rainbow, yellow brick road, and poppy fields! Around the edge it says "Somewhere over the rainbow." Since I cannot stand to have the outside completely plain I added a yellow brick road to that as well.

 My obsession with octopi continues (I just bought a ring with one on it!) and so this was my easy/whimsical/fun bowl. The tentacles continue all the way around the bowl as well.
 Also all things vintage circus are always in my mind so this little guy came to be. On the outside of the bow I just added some skinny red stripes over the plain white.
 And here is my craft bow. I heart it lots. The stitches around the edge and outside turned out well and it didn't take me nearly as long as it looks.
I hope they find a happy home! I wish I could have put my name on them or a tag or something so I could maybe find out where they end up. At least with things like giveaways, swaps, or etsy you have some idea of where your piece is going. Mine will probably stay local but I would just love to know who picks them up! Good luck little bowls : )

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