Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I want to be a glitter bandit.


Via the social networking systems I found this video of Newt Gingrich being 'Glittered' by a young man at a book signing. I have been so focused on myself lately that I sometimes forget to look out into the world. Props to Nick Espinosa for having the guts to do something for what you believe in. It doesn't seem like much but even though we seem to have a broader view of the world it also seems that our focus becomes narrower and narrower and frankly it is starting to scare me. I think as citizens of the world and especially of the United States we need to be careful not to let things slip away from us do to ignorance or neglect. If you can keep yourself informed on the issues and defend them in an in intelligent manner then  you are being a good citizen. I used to think that I had to show respect to everyone's opinions but I finally found out that I only have to respect those who show others respect. Now you can argue that this act of civil disobedience was not showing respect to Gingrich but how much respect does he show to people? There were no injuries and no permanent damage to people or property (nothing a good vacuum couldn't clear up). I hope glitter sales go through the roof.

Here is a write up of the incident from the Huffington Post.

Did I mention that this happened in MN? And that I went to school with Nick? I am really proud right now.

Feel the rainbow.

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