Sunday, May 1, 2011

Clean Slate

What a week. What a month. I have recently been on an emotional and physical roller coaster over the past month. Feeling like a slacker with my part time job I jumped at the opportunity to start a new nannying gig in the mornings. Apparently I did not really think things through and I quickly went from working 30 some hours a week to well over 50. I had no time for anything besides work. I stopped going to the Y, I stopped crafting, I didn't even READ the blogs I loved, and obviously I did not keep up with my own little blog world. Sleep and work, that was it. Then last week it all sort of fell apart. My 'main' job had been sold to a new owner so my position there was already up in the air as I know many people would rather start with a fresh staff then work through any sort of retraining/loyalty issues. Then I found out that the baby I nanny might have something wrong with her heart. It has been only a few short weeks but I am already super attached to the little baby and her sweet older (almost 2 yrs old) sister. Every time I held the baby and no one was in the room I cried. Sick kids are my kryptonite. The day after that I found out the deal at my job had fallen through and that we would be out of a job come Friday.

I wasn't insanely attached to this job and I knew it was not something that I would do forever but this kind of suddenness really did piss me off. But I am now looking at this as a sign. For a while now I have been sketching and making lists of new things I would like to make for the shop. Some are just new jewelry designs but others involve upcylced kids items and maybe some more holiday themed things. So with my afternoons now free again I am going to be working hard to breath some new life into RubyMarilyn. Not only am I working on new designs but I am also revamping my packaging and other areas of business. With more time now I can take care of myself better with more sleep and exercise and hopefully plenty of quality time working on my etsy shop I hope to head towards a more positive place. I have this nannying job for awhile so I do not have run out the door right away and freak out about finding a job which I am thankful for. Here is to a new start and a clean slate. I hope to be sharing some exciting updates with you soon!


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