Monday, May 30, 2011


I have FINALLY been to Soundset! This is the hip-hop festival to go to if you are from the Midwest or anywhere really. Held outside rain or shine every year in Shakopee, MN it is a day of great hip hop and FUN. Now I will say that my friend and I should have done things differently. Either you want to get your tickets early and be a VIP or you want to buy a physical ticket because Will Call was F*ING STUPID! Doors opened at 11am. We got there at 11:20ish and we stood in line for OVER AN HOUR. That was super frustrating. You would think after 3 years of this they would have a better system of getting people in the door. Because of that we missed a few of the opening acts that I sort of wanted to see. But for anyone who is even slightly a Hip Hop enthusiast there is plenty to do. Food and drink are expensive and you are not allowed to bring any in so bring plenty of cash but they have a fairly good variety and it is all part of the festival experience right? There are two stages, a DJ/B-boy tent, car show, merch tents, meet and greets with artists, skateboarding, and graffiti artists. People watching might be one of the best parts though. Special note to future goers with asthma- bring your inhaler- even though it was outside the amount of smoke (cigarette and otherwise...) was super thick and irritating.

DJ Espada


Pint sized B-Boy! So cute

Doomtree on the main stage

Sims and P.O.S of Doomtree


Brother Ali


Slug of Atmosphere

End of the night. Atmosphere closed the show

Top 5 things at Soundset 2011: (Besides the amazing music and in no particular order)
-Guy in Ghostbusters jumpsuit
-Guy dancing in crowd saying "I think I am in Narnia"
-Pint-sized B-Boy
-Random guy grabbing my arm to pull me through the crowd before his girl friend started shouting "WRONG GIRL!!" Guy was embarrassed but sweet.
-Stupid girls being annoying and SHOVING their way through the crowd getting their little bikini top strings pulled as they pushed through (by a girl who was sick of their shit. Haha. )

Cute video telling who is going to be at Sounset. I think the little cartoon characters would make great plushies!

Video from the day. You can see more on the Rhymesayers youtube chanel

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  1. JEALOUS! Why am I always so jealous of everything you do?? I believe that my brother went to this festival! miss you!