Tuesday, May 3, 2011

retail therapy. sad but true.

I am going to admit right now that I give into retail therapy. I am usually so thrifty that when I finally say heck with it and spend a little it makes me happy. Does this make me an awful person? Does this mean that I have succumbed to consumer culture? Probably yes to both of those but I don't even CARE!

 The Splurge: Hot pink eyeliner, hot pink blush, and an octopus ring. All of them were on clearance. Total was less than $10. Woo crazy, I know!

I am pretty much in love withe the ring. I have it on right now and it just makes me happy. I haven't bought a new ring in a long time. I usually wear the same two or three. This has definitely made it onto the regular rotation since I am hoping to get my next tattoo this summer (that involves a rather large octopus!!!!).

As far as the makeup goes I am the girl who loves makeup but doesn't wear that much on a day to day basis. When I saw these I had to have them though! Especially since my bff has finally decided what she wants to do for her birthday coming up... four of us were all bridesmaids in our friend's wedding last summer and we had these hot pink dresses that we wore. So naturally we are going to dress up in these dresses and go see the movie Bridesmaids! It comes out the weekend of her birthday. Who doubted that those dresses would come in handy? I am so excited for this. We will probably also go out to dinner before the movie and then the bars after. I don't even like going out that much anymore but it will be fun to see how obnoxiously pink I can be and this makeup is going to help.  I also think it is going to show off my new red hair rather  well. Oh did I not mention that I dyed my hair bright red? Well that's another thing I do. Big life change? (Losing job.) Big hair change, this time bright red!

Living life people. That is what I am trying to do.

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