Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Greetings!

Champagne, glitter, sequins, gumdrops, bubbles, confetti, balloons! 

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year! I used to be one of those people that hated on New Years. I don't know why people do that though. I am on my way to being a more positive person so I was ready for this New Years. Mostly I love it because no one gets up in my face for drinking pink champagne and I get to wear the most gloriously sparkly, beaded, sequined, obnoxious outfit I could get my hands on. One girl at a bar passed me and say "You are the sparkliest girl I have ever seen!" and I thanked her and declared to all of my other friends that "I like her. She is nice". Good story I know but seriously it made me really happy. Actually it just made me happy being able to hang out with my friends. 

This past year has been REALLY good to me. Yeah there were some shit days but everyone has I am going to focus on the positives that stand out in my mind. 

Highlights of 2010
-Seeing A Night in the Box for my birthday
-Getting my second tattoo (I want more!)
-Epic zoo trips
-Murder By Death concert!
-Many good times in Eau Claire
- Sarah getting married!
-Sabrina getting married!
-St. John's Block party (esp. Solid Gold and Roma di Luna)
-Zombie Pub Crawl
-First time to state fair
-New job
-baking parties
-tv parties

In 2011 I would like:

-to learn to play harmonica
-to wear more dresses 
-to learn to sew (better) and make my own dresses!
-to read more books. I would like to read a biography/autobiography of every president of the United States. This will probably not get done this year but I am going to start!
-make, bake, and be crafty
-I am also going to keep track of every movie I watch this year, just curious to see how much time my little film critic brain works.

I would like to continue to:

-Make lots of memories and take lots of pictures
-Be open to new experiences and opportunities
-Be positive and encourage that in others
-Spend good quality time with those who make me happy : )

What do you have on your resolution list?

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