Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Oscar Nomination Day!

One of the best days of the year. Basically a comprehensive viewing list for me to watch everything that I didn't get watched yet. I will tell you though with the new '10 Best Picture Nominees' it is getting a little exhausting. I have only seen four so far! Must catch up! And I am sorry, but no amount of good press could make me want to watch a movie about Facebook. I love it and I am on it constantly but I don't want to watch a whole movie about it. No. Thank you.

So let's start with the ol' Best Picture noms:

Best Motion Picture of the Year


Winter's Bone (2010): Anne Rosellini, Alix Madigan

See, I think this year is going to be perhaps less than exciting because there are a lot of good nominees in each category.

So far I have seen:
Black Swan
The Kids Are All Right
True Grit

I am personally pretty excited about the True Grit nom. After being snubbed at the Golden Globes it is about time that they got some recognition. I am going to try to see the rest of the films before I put in my final two cents on who I think will win/who I think deserves to win. Yep, I will even sit down and watch 'The Social Network'.

Keep checking in until February 27th for more Oscar talk and (hopefully) some fun movie crafts/treats that you can make to enhance your Oscar party. (Not throwing an Oscar party? You should. Either that or get yourself invited to one!)

Check out all the nominations at imdb. Thoughts?

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