Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finding my inner Warrior

Warrior Dash - Windham, NY - 10, Sep - 27.jpg

I have caved in to the peer pressure. I have signed up for 'Warrior Dash' a 3.2 mile race, complete with 11 obstacles. Crazy? Yes. Fun? I guess we will find out.

It all started last week when I met my friends after work for a drink. Sabrina informed that her, Chris, and Aimee were already signed up and I should too. Running? for 3.2 MILES? No thanks. But then I kept thinking about it and by the time I got home that night I had signed in online and signed up. At first I didn't want to sign up because I thought it was going to be intensely competitive, but as it turns out you are encouraged to wear costumes (there is a costume contest), your registration comes with not only a t-shirt but a fuzzy warrior-helmet, and at the end of the race you celebrate with a beer. Ok. These are the kind of people I can see myself hanging out with. And lets face it, they had me at 'costume-contest'. So now I am in 'training mode'. I am going to the Y with more vigor and actually making myself run.

This will not be an easy task. I can't even run 3.2 miles at this point. I am already planning training schedules and daydreaming about the practice trail runs I will be able to do outside once it is spring. I have until July 23rd to get ready. This may seem like a really small race but it is giving me the motivation I need to get out and do something. Maybe after this I will try a triathlon. Now if I can just figure out how I will train for jumping fire and crawling under barbed wire...what have I gotten myself into?

Warrior Dash - Windham, NY - 10, Sep - 16.jpg

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