Sunday, December 12, 2010


Have you heard we got a bit of snow in MN? Well we have. A LOT. I spent a good chunk of the weekend pleasantly stranded in Wisconsin with good friends, bad movies, and more junk food than we knew what to do with. Headed back to Minnesota today and it is even crazier here. The metrodome collapsed. Driving is basically anarchy on ice. I am glad to be home where I can hopefully, finally, get some Christmas planning done. A grinch has stolen some of my Christmas spirit. I am going to work to get it back but it might be buried under all the snow.


  1. there is a facebook group that I saw today called, Snowcalypse...SO funny! not to brag, but the weather here is sunny and about 50 degrees...maybe you should move to utah? Just sayin...Miss you!

  2. I DO NOT miss all that snow! (Looks sort of pretty, though)

  3. I dispatch trains thru Dilworth/fargo area....and I thought I got away from all the the pictures.Stay warm