Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Storms

Did you hear about the storms in Minnesota from last week? Tornadoes ripped through southern MN creating quite the path of destruction. We were ok in our apartment though it was a bit scary for awhile there! The next morning I stopped at my mom's house to pick up my sister and this was the sight I was met with:

It looks WAY worse than it was (thank goodness). Mostly gutter damage and also a trash can and some lawn furniture bit the dust.

It took my sister and me a few hours to clear it all away onto the lawn. We were pretty proud of ourselves. The biggest bits we had to use hand saws to get them down to a manageable size so we could heave them into the yard. The next day our excellent uncles came all the way up from Iowa to haul away the pile that was in our yard.

We were lucky. So many people got it way worse. Lots of cleanup has already happened but our thoughts are with those who will have to rebuild and have lost so much.

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy summer!

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