Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bachelorette Party Part 1

Have you ever planned a bachelorette party? This was my first and while it was fun I was pretty stressed out! The other bridesmaids and I could not find a weekend that worked for all of us between may and July! Tis the season for weddings, graduations, family camping trips, etc....making this summer super busy. (But fun!)

A few days before the party I went out looking for favors. I knew I wanted to stay away from the phallic references (don't we already have enough of that everyday?) so we were going to go with our theme of 'pink and sparkly'. Hey, it may not be the most creative but it all gave us something to work with that was fun, easy, and do-able.

For the gift bags each girl got a pink martini glass, a mini tiara, a big bling ring, some pink beads, 'Hello Kitty' chapstick, blow pops, ring pops, and starburst. The bride got more beads than anyone else and also a big tiara but sadly it was a bit small so she felt more comfortable rocking the mini-tiara.

(Also notice glow in the dark bracelets and a large amount of underwear...for the bride!)

I also wanted sashes for everyone so our group would stand out even more. Do you have any idea how expensive those things are? The cheapest ones I found were $3 a piece and they were kind of lame. Being the crafty person I am I was convinced that I could make them for cheaper than that.

I already had some leftover iron-on transfer paper from another project and I also already had safety pins. All I needed to buy was 2 rolls of hot pink ribbon from a craft store. I made 12 sashes for $1.16 a piece. Not too shabby.

Just remember to reverse your words before you print them off so they will iron on the right way! Also I found that ironing them on to the ribbon I had to iron for longer than I would have for a t-shirt. I would recommend using a scrap of the ribbon to practice on.

This was a fun way to do it because I could put whatever I wanted on them as well. The Bride was easy: "Bride to be". But what for everyone else. A good chunk of the girls were bridesmaids but there were of course other people. 'Friend of bride'? Bleh. I didn't want to do the whole MOH, Bridesmaid, Friends thing so I went with "Team Bride." Because really we are ALL on team bride and we have to support our favorite team right? This way no one was 'put above' anyone else and it was just a lot simpler. Win.

Next up: the party.

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