Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Catching up

Where did May go? Everyone I talk to seems to think that May is the month that magically slips away from you and before you know it you are well into June! My May was super busy but in a good way. Lots of good friends and good times.

My best friend Brittany sent me this adorable package in the mail that actually made me tear up a little. I am still in MN and she currently lives in Colorado. Inside there were two cds and a hand written note from her. The only thing that didn't make me completely lose it was that she came at the end of May for her sister's wedding!

Of course she was really busy with wedding stuff but I still got some time with her. I bought us breakfast rolls at the local farmer's market one Saturday for us to share. I also bought myself flowers. Nothing feels more indulgent to me than buying flowers. Is that weird?

But hold on! More amazingness: Brittany played a show while she was in town. Yes my friend is in a band called Janesville Dolls. Check out their myspace. Brittany played solo most of the night but here she is with her dad backing her up. It was really cool because you can see where she gets her talent from! She writes her own music and she does some really awesome covers. Check it out already!

As May drew to a close I went on yet another zoo trip. This time helping my friend chaperon his first grade class. This is the baby orangutan isn't he cute?

And here are the monkeys I was in charge of. Running away from me. Long day.

Now it is June and wedding season is about to kick into high gear. Plus I have to find a new place to live by August. Time you are moving fast. I am doing my best to catch up.

What have you been busy with?

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