Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bachelorette Party: Part 2

The Party.

We were ready to get our party on. We started at a local comedy show. The featured comedian really liked us because we were (and I quote) "classy." That's right ladies. It is possible to go out, have a good time, celebrate your friend's upcoming wedding and not end up like a bunch of crazy people. least at the beginning of the night!

The headliner was so funny my whole body hurt from laughing so hard. We knew it was going to be a good night!

Next on to a new local 'hotspot' (a term I use loosely in this town.) More friends met up with us and then some phallic objects did make it into the of the girls made a huge box of penis cookies that we gave to the locals...if they let us take a picture of them with it. This was great fun.

Another bar...more fun.

Then we ended the night dancing. This is that place that when you are sober you say "Oh, lets not go there tonight" but as soon as you are drunk you start screaming at people "I WANT TO DAAAANNNNCEEEE!!!! WE HAVE TO GOOOO THERE NOW!" Yep. That was me. And 10 other girls. Good times. The favors were fun and we all looked great in our 'pink and sparkly' theme. Our little tiaras and sashes were adorable and it made it easy for us to keep track of each other.

To all the ladies: go out and have fun but keep it classy(ish)!

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