Monday, May 24, 2010

Epic Zoo Trip

I love the zoo. Especially the Minnesota Zoo because I have such a long and storied history with it! I mean every field trip to the zoo was always an adventure but 6th grade I got to go on the best trip ever! For the people that signed up we got to go to the zoo AFTER CLOSING TIME and hang out with some of the zoo peeps. I remember making t-shirts with paint and animal shaped sponges. Mine featured a dolphin and some seaweed. Then we got to SLEEP OVER at the zoo. How cool is that? The boys got to sleep down by the tropical aquarium and the girls got to sleep right in front of the dolphin tank! Sure the ground was pretty hard and most people were too excited to sleep but I still remember it being a really magical night. At 3 or 4 am they turned on the speakers that picked up the dolphin sounds so we could hear them chatting it up. Damn that was cool. I will never forget it.

So before the summer got too crazy busy on all of us we decided to go to the zoo. Well only 2 of us ended up going but it was still really really fun and I am glad we went! We grabbed sandwiches on the way up and I packed us zoo themed snack packs. (Including old school juice box, zebra cakes, animal crackers, frosted animal crackers, and goldfish- are you sensing my theme here?). It was a gorgeous day to be out and about and although the place was swarming with kids and parents it was more adorable than annoying (which surprised the heck out of me!).

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day, you can see more over at the flickr.

I forgot Spring=Baby Animals!

Omg tiger! Oh. Its only Aimee.

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