Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Edwina, Gertrude, and Agatha

In the shop now are a few more necklaces. At this point I have 3 rough 'styles' which are more or less the same every time I make them. Instead of a different name each time I make a piece I have decided to just name the styles making it easier to identify the different types.

First off... Edwina

The Edwina is like the Rainy Day necklace it involves small loops of crochet and then larger loops that are woven with the others giving this piece a very bold and dynamic look.


The Gertrude is a little less complicated than the Edwina but it has all the boldness. This is a bib style necklace that is going to be making a statement.


Agatha is sweet and simple. She is a charming smaller necklace that is flirty and girly without being overwhelming.

Can you tell I like little old lady names? Because I do. A lot.

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