Monday, February 16, 2009

New Dolls- works in progress

So I finally took some pictures of the new dolls I am working on. The Octopus Girl is an idea that has been swimming around my head. The poor thing has no arms but more than enough legs to make up for it. Most of her body is felt but half of each tentacle is thrift-ed fabric in a similar color.

This other doll is a rough draft of a pattern. One arm is chubby and the other rather skinny- all kinks that will be worked out...hopefully...

Her head, hands and feet are felt and her body, arms, legs are up-cycled from an old t-shirt. I really like her jointed, floppy, soft, old fashioned feeling. I always get nervous about putting the face and hair on- I quite like her as is- but I will post more pictures once I finish her up.

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