Monday, February 23, 2009

And the award for best Cupcake goes to....

Oscar Sunday is my favorite day of the year. The glitz, the glam, the stars, the awards- I love it all. This year my friend had an Oscar party and so I was trying to come up with the perfect treat to bring. Originally I was planning on trying to come up with a treat to go with each of the nominees for best picture- but it was getting really complicated so I decided to just make cupcakes- that looked like the awards. They turned out fairly well- but if I had more practice they would have been even cuter. There is always next year....

Some of the little statuettes look a bit unfortunate- but they all tasted amazing.

The awards show itself was pretty sweet. Hugh Jackman was a great host but they really didn't have him on screen enough. But the big upset was Best Actor. Mickey Rourke was robbed. Yes Sean Penn is great, talented, etc, but this was Rourke's year and his movie 'The Wrestler' should have been nominated for more awards (including Best Picture.)

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