Sunday, February 15, 2009

Etsy Gift Guides - Carnivalesque

So my favorite thing on etsy is the gift guides. I just love the little groupings of objects and I always find something that must be added to my favorites list. Today there were new gift guides and it was amazing! I am especially in love with the "Carnivalesque" guide under 'The Hot List'. They describe it as "Circus Chic" and I am inclined to agree!

HaveANiceTripSeeYouNextFall Archival Giclee Print By LealandEve (

CiRKUS KUFF - cute goth punk cloth bracelet by SugarPickle (

Bespoke Alphabet Circus Cushion from Hoolala (

All of these things are super cute. Also if you are into circus history I highly recommend checking out "American Sideshow" by Marc Hartzman. Although it is written like an encyclopedia it is a fascinating look at sideshow performers throughout history.

And if you are really into the carnival/circus thing I would check out the movie "Freaks" (1932 Tod Browning) which features many of the performers from the book. It is a really interesting little movie and you should check out the 'alternate endings' which in this case shows the different ways in which the movie was released (and there were several) because the public was so shocked by it.

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