Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vintage Luggage Set

Do you remember that show Pan Am? Well it didn't do very well but it made a lot of people covet those super cute pan am bags.

Those super cute bags were also super expensive- at least for my shoestring crafty budget. Still it was what I really wanted to get for my friend Krista for her birthday. Thrifting to the the rescue! One day of visiting every thrift store in town uncovered these gems.

Then to personalize them even more I made a 'Pan Am' logo for the red bag. I took a picture of the logo from the internet and took out the name. Then I downloaded the same font and used that to put in her name "Krista". I played around with a couple different ways of getting the new logo on the bag but I ended up just tracing and painting it with some craft paint. To finish it off I tied vintage ladies ties to each bag.

And there  you have it a super cute personalized gift that cost way less than the store bought option. Plus we did some upcycling and made it 'handmade'. Epic win all around.

Anyone else make any cool gifts recently?


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