Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Dessa Birthday

Weekday birthdays are always a little tricky. You want to do something fun but yet you still have to be on the responsible side of things. What to do? Well sometimes there is no good answer and then again sometimes things just fall into place. That is what happened this year for my good friend Krista's birthday. The day fell on a Thursday and in our town they have "Thursdays on First", a street fair with food and homemade vendors that fill 1st Street. They also have free music and it just so happened that Dessa was scheduled to perform on Krista's Birthday!!! Perfection. We would have gone anyway because we both love Dessa so much but it was just that much more awesome. The day of I lost my camera (and found it again this morning!) so I didn't get any pictures but I thought I would share this sweet new video from Doomtree (the hiphop collective that Dessa is a part of).


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