Sunday, June 17, 2012


The other day I went on a thrifting binge. I hit almost every thrift store in town and walked away with some amazing deals. I was on the hunt for something specific- which can often backfire when you are thrifting but I had quite the success! The items I were on the hunt for are for a birthday present for later this week though so for right now we are going to focus on all the other wonderful goodies I picked up!

 First of all some epic vintage roller skates! At $4 I couldn't pass them up. I used some white ribbon and have hung them from my shelf!

 I found this really pretty Scotland Tea towel and a couple of vintage ladies scarves at the cheapest thrift store in town. Their turn around isn't very good but sometimes you get little lovelies like this. All together the three items were 60 cents! That's how I like my thrift stores. Nice and cheap.
 I also felt like I scored a pretty sweet deal at the goodwill with these fish plates. At 99 cents each my set of four was well worth it. The lady at the counter was all "What are you going to do with these?" And of course without missing a beat I told her: "I am hosting a fishing and camping themed bridal shower next weekend and these are going to be PERFECT." Hahah. Don't judge lady, there is method to my madness. Besides who doesn't just want fish plates!!!
 I was also on a secret hunt for a mini washboard. And I found one! It was a secret hunt because I was sure that I wouldn't find it and would just be disappointed, but lo and behold there one was... hidden in a little bag of clutter. I scooped that right up. I was hoping to make a necklace out of it in time for the concert on Friday but it didn't happen. Next time!!!

I also had to include this little lovely. I actually found it a couple of weeks ago in a thrift store up in the cities. I have been searching for the perfect vintage egg plate for quite some time and I think this may be it. With space for deviled eggs AND other little snacks this relish plate is my new dream come true. It was also only $5. Win!

I hope all of your recent thrifting, garage sale-ing, shopping excursions have been fruitful as well,


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