Thursday, March 29, 2012

Costume: Emma Frost

Even though it has been awhile since the Oscars I wanted to share a little bit about how my Emma Frost costume came together. I went back and forth for quite awhile on what character to choose for this years Oscar Costume Party. It was seriously the day of that I got the final pieces together. This year was tricky for choosing a great female character. My back up plan was to slap on my hot pink bridesmaid dress and call it good. (I have gotten a lot of use out of that dress! Thanks Sarah!) But finally I settled on Emma Frost from X-Men: First Class. I really loved that movie (Michael Fassbender!!! Drool.) I decided to go with Emma for the fun costume possibilities and not so much the love for the character or 'acting'. Sorry January Jones but your body is rocking but your acting just never really does it for me.  I look nothing like Miss Jones so I was not going to go for the bra and mini look that she rocks for most of the movie.

 I found the dress last minute at a thrift store. Pulled on some knee high socks for the 'sixties look' and rocked my sparkly heels. My sister (pictured above as Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) let me borrow this blond curly wig. I brushed out the wig a bit and focused most of my attention on the make up.
I wanted to go for a 'changing into diamond form' look and was completely inspired by this Mermaid Makeup tutorial from Etsy.

In the tutorial she uses spirit gum to attach iridescent sequins to her face to create a bubbly look. I took that idea but used shiny silver sequins from the craft store. I bought the spirit gum at my local party store that carries a bunch of Halloween type makeup all year long. I started with my hairline (before putting on the wig) and layered in towards my face, keeping it thicker towards the outside and thinning it out as it went in. I also applied a lot of sequins to my chest/neck and a few on my arms as well. I felt a bit like a walking disco ball but I think it turned out pretty well. I bought some loose body glitter from Wal-Mart to amp up the sparkle around my eyes and I just applied generously all over. I finished the look with glitter nail polish. The wig ended up covering up quite a bit of the sequins on the face.

I felt pretty sparkly, and a little over-dressed but it was all good friends there so I didn't really care that much. By the end of the night I had taken off the wig and started peeling sequins off. Also I didn't spill anything on the white dress! WIN!!!

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