Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blog Catch Up- Oscar Party

Well March is almost over and I am just now getting around to posting about the Oscars. Oh well! Anyway I wanted to share the few pictures I took during the evening. The one rule for the party was to dress up as a character from a movie in the past year. It did not have to be a character from an Oscar nominated film.

 Here we have not one but TWO Megans from Bridesmaids and a Brad Pitt from Moneyball.
 This is Mr. Popper sans penguin. The penguin is around there somewhere.
 Then we have Hayley Atwell from Captain America and Skeeter from The Help.
 Sisters! Emma frost from Xmen: First Class and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo from...well you get that one.

 Last minute guest. No costume but she practiced her Oscar acceptance speech with a mini-oscar cupcake complete with the ugly cry so we let it slide.
The gypsy in the corner is from the new Sherlock Holmes movie.

Overall a fun night. I of course was so wishy washy about my costume until about the DAY of but tomorrow I will share how my Emma Frost costume came together.

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