Saturday, July 2, 2011


 These are just a few things I picked up in the last month or so at the thrift store. First off some vintage aprons that were $.75- $1!

 The detail on this one makes me really smile. Look at those braids!

 This is probably one of my favorite finds. A full length, hooded, faux fur leopard print coat! Perfect thing to buy in sweltering heat! I got a few crazy looks for hauling this one out of the store mid-summer but come winter I am going to be looking uber-fierce. Plus it was $6!

Lastly a lovely vintage plate that I found for $2. It is currently sitting on my dresser holding my plant. Pretty!

In other shopping news I have a serious dress addiction problem. In two days I bought a total of 4 dresses to add to my already overburdened closet. I just can't seem to resist a dress on sale. I need to buckle down a bit though and save up if I ever want to move!

What is the item that you can't stop buying? In addition to dresses I should probably stop buying so many dish/kitchen items since I don't currently have my own kitchen!


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