Sunday, July 17, 2011

I heart pattern sales!

I love sewing patterns. I am nowhere near the point where I can make my own and I just can't help but see a neat little paper package and be overwhelmed with joy of the possibilities ahead. (Funny though how after you cut away all that 'extra' paper you can NEVER fit the pattern back into that envelope!)

Anywhoo I have a super big week ahead of me and I needed some patterns. Lucky for me they were on sale! For $1.50 each! YES  I WENT OVERBOARD!

So instead of getting one 'little house on the prairie' costume pattern I got three... no judging!

I really hope the leggings pattern works out because I will be unstoppable if I can make my own leggings. (Rough dress count the other day was upwards of 40-yes 40- so I need some more leggings to avoid my Marilyn moments)

The best part was the price. Buying these patterns full price would have cost me $137.15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I only paid $12.50. BOOM! Now I really need to get sewing... I will be updating later this week with my Warrior Dash costume and hopefully a 'little house' dress.

Cheers all! Stay out of the heat!!!!!!

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