Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Barbara Stanwyck!

Isn't she simply gorgeous? Today I am celebrating the birthday of Barbara Stanwyck.  If you do not know about this actress I suggest you look her up at imdb. Her bio says that she is probably best known for her role on the tv show 'The Big Valley' but I know her from her movie days.  Beautiful and sassy Stanwyck played a large range of roles from comedic to femme fatale. If you are at all interested in seeing any of her films my two favorites are Double Indemnity and Christmas in Connecticut- and these two movies could not be more different!

Double Indemnity stars Stanwyck alongside Fred MacMurray as a femme fatale in the mood to kill her husband in an insurance scheme. It is a classic noir flick and should be seen by anyone who enjoys the genre.

Christmas in Connecticut is the complete opposite. It is a screwball comedy starring Stanwyck as a writer for a 'Home' magazine. In her articles she pretends to have a big beautiful house in Connecticut  where she is the perfect homemaker. In reality she lives in New York City and has no idea how to make toast let alone cook, clean, and raise children. No one is the wiser until someone has the idea to do a Christmas promotion piece where they send a soldier to spend Christmas at this 'perfect' home. Amazing comedic timing and a great Christmas-time movie!

So Happy Birthday Barbara Stanwyck! You may be gone, but you are not forgotten.

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