Sunday, November 7, 2010

You think you are random?

Here are my shopping buys of the day:

 That's right. In this picture you see two vintage books, a couple of mini Christmas loaf pans, AND a leopard print skirt. 3 stores, 3 very different types of purchases. I adore the skirt. I have been wanting a skirt like this for awhile and this one was on sale!
 At a thrift store I found this gorgeous 1946 "A Treasury of Grand Opera". It is a soft cover book with tons of music inside. A little beat up but for some reason I couldn't pass it up.
 Also at the thrift store I found this cool "Cash" book. It is an old ledger with nothing written in it! I might start using it to 'keep the books' for the RubyMarilyn etsy shop. I love that it says "U.S. Government Printing Office Property No. 50185". I wonder how it found it's way to me?
The the craft store got me. I went on the pretense that I wanted to get Halloween stuff on sale. Well that didn't happen. Instead I got sucked into the wonder that is Christmas stuff. It was actually fairly impressive that I only walked away with 10 of these little cuties (5 of each design). Oven-proof, Christmasy, and only $1 each? How could I resist. So cute. I was really tempted by all the gingerbread stuff though. For some reason that is going to be my Achilles heel this holiday baking season. Gingerbread. I wants it. I wants it now!

Any other fun purchases out there lately?

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