Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gearing up for Christmas

I am sooooo ready to start celebrating Christmas full on!  I follow the rule of no celebrating before Thanksgiving (this is to hopefully curb Christmas to sneaking farther and farther back and finally into summer!) but it has not stopped me from planning. I have decided to do a completely homemade Christmas this year. Every gift I give will either be homemade by myself or handmade by others (Etsy here I come!). I may make a couple of exceptions but all gifts will have at least 1 handmade element to it. Part of my decision to go this route is practical- I don't have the money to be buying everyone gifts and I am that crazy girl who sees something as says "I can MAKE that." My poor mom. She will say "Oh I saw that such and such store has pumpkin cheesecake." And I practically scream back "I will MAKE YOU a pumpkin cheesecake!!!" Yeah. Scary I know. Maybe I will get over it at some point but not any time soon. I already have a long list of gifts to make and I have also gotten it into my head that I need to make more of my own clothes- starting with pjs. I am mostly a shorts and t-shirt kind of girl when it comes to pjs but I am just in the mood for perfectly matched sets, luxurious nightgowns, etc.

Where was I? Oh yeah, CHRISTMAS! I already made the first 'official' Christmas purchase of the year when I bought those little Christmas mini-loaf pans but I added to the list when I found some boxes at Wal-Mart. I know I know WalMart is an evil corporation but I just needed some facewash ok? And I just happened to wander down all the Christmas aisles. But I found these adorable boxes with matching tissue paper for a good price so I snatched them up. They will be perfect for the homemade baked goods people will be receiving.  And let's face it- I am not going to add to the madness that is Black Friday.

Then I made one of the most important purchases of the Christmas season- the Christmas CD. I love Christmas music like Santa loves making toys. I need it...and over the years I have amassed quite the insane collection on my itunes. I have traditional, instrumental, swing, and emo Christmas music. So I limit myself to 1 new X-Mas themed CD a year. This year? Hells yes to the Johnny Cash Christmas CD! It is actually a 2 Disc set and although I have not listened to it quite yet I am uber excited.

So are you ready for Christmas? I already know a couple of my friends are freaking out about it. Stay tuned for an epic month of Christmas related posts, plus a giveaway (yes a giveaway!) in the near future.

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