Monday, November 8, 2010

Church Rummage sale

I am convinced that Church rummage sales are the way to go. There is usually a good amount of stuff gathered inside warm buildings and the prices are better than many thrift stores. (Why are thrift stores getting so expensive?)

I went to one in town and walked away with a couple fun things.

 I have a thing for sewing books. "The Vogue Sewing Book" and "The Dressmaking Book" had to be added to my collection. Then there was this funny little box. I figured out it was an ice bucket and for 75 cents I feel it is quite the steal.

 There are six funny little cartoons on the outside of the ice bucket.
 This is my favorite- "no more for me I wasn't even invited".

I did a little digging into who did the cartoons. Each picture is signed with a little Wm Box. After a bit of time on google (how did we live before the internet?) I found this wikipedia article on Studio cards. Apparently Box started off in the card business in the 1950's when humorous cards of this sort were not very common. I didn't find any like this on etsy vintage or ebay but I did find a newspaper ad for the ice bucket! The paper is from Dec. 7th 1959. Now that is cool!

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