Monday, August 2, 2010

Retro Sewing.

I have a penchant for retro things. I have sort of always had it but I am finally embracing it full on and letting it become more and more of who I am on an everyday basis. I grew up watching black and white films, I love all things to do with the '50s, I have a slightly odd obsession with vintage pin-ups and I am now moving towards a more retro inspired wardrobe.

To get my retro fix I like browsing the Rockabilly flickr group and contemplating how I can make my hair do that. For help with that I have Lauren Rennell's fabulous book "Vintage Hairstyling". If you are going for the retro look at all you NEED this book! I also read her great blog. I lust after outfits here and here. I have recently started hanging out online at Sew Retro which inspired me to head to the thrift store to get some old sewing patterns.

From a vintage slip pattern to tennis shorts to an 'cowboy' shirt I got quite the variety! And hopefully I will be sharing projects that coincide soon.

I also got this little gem:

How could I not? I was OBSESSED with catwoman as a child. I even had a catwoman themed birthday party. It was sweet.

But then I had a moment of weakness and I headed to the fabric store next to the thrift store and I bought two 'new' retro patterns!

One is a wrap dress and the other is a '40s style robe. Super excited to make both of these. I am hoping to make the wrap dress this week because I have a Rockabilly Hootenanny to attend this weekend!!!

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