Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rockabilly Hootenanny

Reckless Ones

My local Eagles club hosted a night of Rockabilly music to raise money for cancer. I was SO PUMPED for this event. It was going to be the highlight of...well my week at least! I was so excited I even made a dress for the occasion (but ended up wearing a simple black dress I already owned. Long story).

Anyways most of the bands were from the Twin Cities with Slim Jim and the Phantom Trio being the main attraction.

Slim Jim and the Phantom Trio

I was really looking forward to seeing the Dave Wolfe Trio but we missed them- apparently they went on earlier than expected because they had to be somewhere else that night as well. I had never heard them play before but when I was 14 I met Dave Wolfe when I went to my first 'real' concert with my dad. It was the 'Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas concert'. My dad apparently knew a bunch of the rockabilly guys from the cities and before the concert they were hanging out in the lobby chatting. These guys were so cool looking. This was my first encounter with this subculture- the slicked back hair, the leather jackets, and the tattoos! I was hooked. When I heard his group was playing at the 'hootenanny' I felt like things were coming full circle. Oh well- next time.

Reckless Ones

The other groups were really great. The Violent Shifters were more psychobilly than rockabilly. Then Reckless Ones were pretty cool- people were swing dancing to them the entire set. They are supposed to be headed back our way in October and I think I will try to go! We had to leave a bit early and thus missed the end of the night but we had a friend who decided to get really super drunk and thus we had to get her home before she embarrassed herself. (I am all for having a good time but be smart! Be safe!)

Here is a sweet video of Reckless Ones 'Dead and Gone'

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  1. It looked fun! It does kind of suck to have a drunk friend and you are the sober one though...Still fun!