Thursday, July 10, 2014

RETRO-active blogging: MN Comic Con Edition

Yeah this was like 2 months ago but I'm getting to it! The first weekend in May brought Wizard World comic con to MN. My sister really wanted to go so we bought ourselves one-day tickets. We didn't have grand plans for outfits but a recent binge watching of 'heroes of cosplay' on syfy really made me want to do at least a little something! So I tried to think of easy-ish costumes that would be quick, cost efficient and fun to wear. We were treating this con as our warm-up/starter con as neither of us had ever been to one before. 

After some late night Pinterest searching I decided to go with a cute, vintage, lady captain America.

Here is the dress I started with. I already owned it! I bought it months ago on sale at target and it was too big. I ended up buying another one in my size and forgetting to take this one back. Now, long after the return policy has ran out, this dress will serve a purpose! 

Along with the dress the pile of fabric and trim above came right from my craft stash. Yes that is super awesome Captain America comic book fabric that I bought probably about 2 years ago for a project that did not happen. 

So far cost: $0

This is what I bought for the costume. Red opaque tights and a red and white striped infinity scarf. I could have gone to the fabric store but I thought the scarf would work just as well and that saved me another trip. 

Scarf and tights: $12.50

Here is how I made my star. I centered it by eyeballing it with the center of the Peter Pan collar and used a cookie cutter for the shape. I taped it off and used some metallic fabric paint to fill in. I didn't have any craft brushes that weren't super tiny so I improvised and used a makeup sponge to dab the paint on. I put a magazine between the two layers of the dress and was generous with the paint.

Ta-Da! With the infinity scarf I cut it half and then in half lengthwise. I sewed the two long pieces together, folded the now super long piece in half width wise and made a tube. I turned it right side out and tied it around my waist making a generous bow in the back. I cut off the excess on the ends and sewed them shut. 

The sash now gives the too big dress some bombshell shape. 

With my comic fabric and some webbing I had on hand I made this super awesome bag. (I need to find the tutorial I used and link it!)

On the day of I added the red tights, some blue flats, and some vintage inspired hair and makeup to make this outfit cute, comfy, and just the right amount of fun! 

I loved this outfit. And I think it gave me the confidence to go a little bigger next time around! It was a strange experience to have people stop you and ask if they could take your picture. It only happened a few times but I admit it kinda made me feel like a movie star. Everyone was so nice, there were a ton of other really cool costumes and my sister and I had a great time! 

Any other people new to the cosplay thing? 

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