Thursday, July 10, 2014

2 beauty DIYs: Eye Makeup remover & Dry Shampoo

I pin, bookmark, jot down, and overall hoard ideas for all sorts of projects. Once in awhile you gotta just get them made! I finally got around to making a couple of super simple beauty DIYs. 

First up: Dry Shampoo

I've really changed up my hair care routine and I don't wash my hair very often anymore. Dry shampoo is my new best friend. While I like a few store bought brands, the plethora of online tutorials to make your own was just too tempting to pass up. 

I went with a super easy combo to try. 

DIY dry shampoo:
- 1/4 cup cornstarch
- 1/4 cup baking soda
- 5-10 drops lavender essential oil (or your fav)

Mix up the ingredients in a small bowl and then fill whatever container you wish! I used this super cute vintage powder box, but any small jar would work. Apply it with a makeup brush at the roots, let sit and brush out. For darker hair you can add cocoa powder to the mix.

It smells great and works really well.

Next up: eye makeup remover

After being not so impressed with some store bought I thought I should give this a shot. I've seen many different versions out there so pick one that works for you. The one I chose is only 3 ingredients.
DIY Eye makeup remover
- 2 oz water
- 1tsp tear free baby shampoo
- 10ish drops baby oil

I used my empty bottle of eye makeup remover, with my handy funnel. Mixed up ingredients in a measuring cup and poured it on in. Done! If you go this route be sure to shake up your solution when you use it. 

So far I would say it works about as well as the store brand stuff I was buying. I am also now using the leftover baby oil to shave with- a little tricky but my legs feel super soft! And I have used some of the baby shampoo to wash my hair brush and combs. 

Any favorite diy beauty tricks you have tried? 

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