Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dollar store bathroom update

My friend Krista is set to move into our house any day now and while I am excited to have her here I am less excited about sharing a bathroom again. Yes that probably makes me a horrible person but the last two years have spoiled me! So to reclaim some space for her things I took a trip to the dollar store. Before adding more storage space I took all of my stuff out and deep cleaned the whole bathroom. 

I had two main goals: make more storage space on my shelves and make all my 'counter stuff' fit on one side of the counter. 

For the shelving unit I bought 6 plastic baskets from the dollar store and a pack of zip ties.

They were easy to add to the white rack and they will be easy to remove later down the line.

Next I saw a lot of inspiration on Pinterest to make a tiered bathroom storage unit. I love my vintage mirrored tray, but I thought something with height would make more sense in the space. I have seen several versions with pretty vintage plates/dishes but I decided to stick with the dollar store and combined a pretty pink oval serving dish and chip and dip with a plain plastic wineglass. This way everything is not too sentimental if it gets broken.

Just a little glue and bam! instant storage space. 
I think it goes rather nicely with my vintage pink vanity boxed from Great Grandma Ruby! 

With these two simple projects I only spent $10 and almost doubled my space. That combined with me just cleaning out some old stuff there should be plenty of room for two girls to share this bathroom!

Stay crafty!

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