Sunday, March 29, 2009

I am this excited right now!

(image via flickr)

I am pretty excited right now. I have just had my first sale on Etsy! My little Eglentine doll is off in the great big world now and I am so happy she found a good home. Thank you!

I started this blog partly as 'promotion' for my shop and partly to keep myself on track. I feel like when I am actually expected to write things down and do things I am a more productive person. So although I am excited I have a few goals for myself

1. more items for my shop- i need to sit down and work on stuff!

2. take better photos- some inspiration from flickr and some quality time with my new-ish camera should do the trick

3. create better packaging- i would really like to spend more time on this

Also in exciting news my good friend Sarah took me to see 'Rent' last night. (Thank you Sarah!) And one of my other good friends just bought a car. I have been looking into getting a car but I get a little overwhelmed by it sometimes.

In sadder news I am remembering 'Grandma' Della. She passed away this last week and I just found out about it. She was one of those amazingly spunky/adorable 90-year-olds that you just hope you will be cool enough to be some day.

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