Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Finally...new items in the shop.

It took me way longer than I expected to get these into the shop.

When I started making these dolls I was really just trying to develop a pattern I liked to make a 'base' doll. But as I made them I just didn't have the heart to change them. I didn't want to give them little faces and hair and clothes. I liked them just the way they are and that is the way I am keeping them. I got the idea from these old dolls from the early 20th century- the ones with the cloth bodies but the hands, feet, and head were bisque. I liked the look of the jointed limbs and different colors working against each other. So I bought some craft felt to make the head, hands, and feet and firmly stuffed them so they are harder then the rest of the doll. The bodies are made from recycled t-shirts that had been sitting on the craft pile waiting for a new life.

Each doll is hand and machine sewn and although made from the same basic pattern they all come out different! I even made fabric labels with the Spes logo on it inspired by this tutorial.
This is Eglentine (10 points if you know the name reference). She is a purple/eggplant color that is really quite delightful.

And this is Gertrude. She is a bit longer than Eglentine and is a lovely robin's egg blue color. (Forgive the pictures winter clouds are not making it very easy these days.)


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