Thursday, March 5, 2009

Feeling Crafty T-Shirt Recon

I have been searching for the perfect dress pattern to make some everyday summer outfits and as I was searching I got one of those deep down crafty urges. My sewing room is full of clothes that are in various stages of projects (or patiently waiting for projects) and I found this old homecoming shirt that was perfect.

(As I found it in my craft pile- the neck was already cut out of it.)

I have been really getting back into fairy tales lately and was kind of thinking of something with a peter pan collar. My biggest thing is that a lot of my clothes are still just 't-shirts from college' so I am always looking for ways to re-work them into something better. Also I am one of those self taught DIYers that doesn't really know how to to sew but manages with her limited knowledge

Here is the after. A little less tragic 80s don't you think? And double bonus is that it will be the perfect comfy shirt to rock on St. Patrick's Day. The dark green fabric came from a just a plain green t-shirt that didn't fit right.

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