Friday, April 5, 2013

Movie inspired craft: UP

Beware! Extreme cheesiness ahead!

The crafting bug has been gnawing at me lately and lots of my ideas have been revolving around my sweetie, who will be leaving for the peace corps this summer. He doesn't even know where he is ending up yet but he has asked if I will come and visit him. I had the idea to make a money jar that said "Plane ticket to...?" but then I thought of a better idea- UP.

We both love the movie Up so I decided that I would make a Paradise Falls money jar.

I already had a mason jar I wanted to use and I had found a map-patterned piece of scrapbook paper that I wanted to use for the lid and label. So it is not an exact match but this is one of those times where it is really the thought that counts : )

-Mason jar with lid (do not need the solid center part)
-lightweight cardboard
-paper for lid cover and label (as fancy or simple as you wish)
-mod podge

-fancy scrapbook scissors for the label
-exacto knife to make the lid cover cutting easier

 1. Trace the top of your jar onto both the cardboard and paper
 2. Cut a money slot for the lid cover
 3. Glue cardboard and paper together

 4. Cut a label for your jar. Write your message and mod podge it on (I tried to copy the lettering of 'Paradise Falls' from the label in the movie)
 5. Fill with money! (I cheated and transferred the contents of my several 'coin dishes' that I have around)

I sent the last picture to my sweetie who liked it so much I am making another one for him.

This would also make a super cute gift bag- complete it with a copy of the movie Up, add an Ellie badge and tie a balloon to the bag.

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