Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Thrifting

I should be spring cleaning (Christmas stuff is still up outside!) But I have been unmotivated while snow remains on the ground. At least I am getting back to some of my normal routines now that I am learning to balance life's distractions a bit better.

After a less-than-great day at work I had the huge urge to hit the thrift shop up. I have a couple of projects in my head that I want to get off the ground and the thrift shop seemed like a good start. Well I didn't really find the project supplies that I wanted but I did make a good haul!

A bright knit hat (much like my favorite purple!), a vintage slip, a French scarf, and 2 bowls for $3.70!
This is still the cheapest thrift shop in town. It takes a bit of digging and the turnover is not the best but it is worth it when you find something!

Love this scarf! I will have to spend a bit of time washing everything. I have plans for the slip- getting really into vintage lingerie at the moment. And it might be FINALLY getting too warm for the hat but I am sure there will be chilly days yet.

Happy Thrifting!

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