Thursday, May 3, 2012

Art In Bloom

This last weekend a small group of us headed up to the cities to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for their annual exhibit 'Art in Bloom'. Basically local artists/ floral shops create floral arrangements inspired by works of art and then they are displayed right next to the art. There were well over 100 arrangements throughout the museum and it made for a lovely day. I love museums so much. It was a bit busier than I like but it was a Saturday and the event was free. Yay art! Since the floral pieces were all over the museum the entire collection was available for our perusal. Some of the arrangements were really literal interpretations and others just looked like a vase of flowers next to art.

 I got distracted by these amazing necklaces! The one below is made of super fine braids of human hair. Woah.

A lovely day. Finally got my culture quota filled.


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