Saturday, April 10, 2010

To All My Single Ladies...

So I am a little obsessed with Gala Darling and her amazing blog. I pretty much wish I could be her. Or at least one of her friends. You know how some people are just so cool it hurts? Yeah that would be a good description for her. Now she has taken things to a whole new level with Date My Friend! Basically she has super cute and awesome single friends all over the world and she is giving us the hooks up! Read the post to find out about these two cuties from London and Minneapolis, MN! As a Rochester, MN girl I got a little too excited about the prospect of a highly recommended single boy so close to home...but I am also a huge chicken and emailing strangers is totally not my style. But if it is your style I suggest you get on that! Let me know how it goes. Also I will hopefully be stalking/ casually running into the cute boys/Gala herself at Soundset 2010. Speaking of Soundset, who wants to go with me?

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