Monday, April 19, 2010

Hit Girl is my hero and I have a crush on a boy named Kick-Ass

OMFG! I really really liked 'Kick-Ass'! I was a bit nervous because of some of the reviews I had been hearing but I was so very pleasantly surprised when I saw it.

The best part of the movie is easily Hit Girl. She is eleven and she is awesome. Some parents out there were upset with some of the violence and language this half-pint throws out but frankly this isn't a movie for kids so get over it. I could only wish to have been so bad-ass at such a young age. She is officially on my short-list for Halloween costumes this year and if I can get a few other friends to go as Kick-Ass, Red Mist, and Big Daddy I am pretty sure we would win some costume contests.

Also during the course of this movie I developed quite the crush on little Aaron Johnson (aka Kick-Ass). The whole time I was thinking how creepy I was for crushing on a 16 year old- lucky for me I was informed shortly after the film that he is 19. YESSSS! FAIR GAME! I was then informed that he was already ENGAGED to an older woman, a Ms. Sam Taylor Wood who directed Johnson in 'Nowhere Boy'. She is 43. They are also expecting their first child together. 5 years older no longer seems so creepy eh? But seriously I wish them all the happiness in the world and I am mostly bummed that I didn't meet him first.

P.S. My friend and I agreed that his attractiveness went up as he became more beat up- is that a bad sign?

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