Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blue Velvet Cupcakes- Check.

YAY CUPCAKES!!! So excited for cupcakes this weekend. I made Sprinkle Bakes recipe and they turned out really good. I had originally wanted to make little bunny cupcakes for a party I was going to but in the end I broke out my trusty Vintage Button Candy Mold from BakeItPretty and made some adorable (and yummy) candy buttons for on top. Everyone at the party liked them but we all had blue tongues for the rest of the night. At least we were in it together.

Getting the ingredients for these and another recipe I tried this weekend was less than successful. There was no small things of buttermilk at the supermarket I usually go to. I only needed a cup- I didn't need a whole gallon. So I stopped by a little supermarket in town that I never go to and they had the buttermilk in a more manageable size. I also realized I needed whole milk. Alas no small bottles of that but I did find this amazing 'Grandma Alice' brand milk that was just so cute I wasn't even upset that I had to buy a half gallon of it.

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