Thursday, February 4, 2010

Birthday Bear

It is my grandma Marilyn's birthday tomorrow. I had no idea what to get her so on impulse I decided to make her a little amigurumi teddy bear. My grandma has so many teddy bears she doesn't know what to do with them but I decided one more couldn't hurt.

Just to make it clear I love crochet but the whole amigurumi thing is a little new to me. A while back I made an adorable little bunny from a pattern on the Lion Brand yarn website. Since I already aced that one I decided to use the same pattern and just change the ears. I also added a little crochet heart because it is sort of close to Valentine's Day and the bear was already going to be a bit late for her birthday. So yes this teddy is a little lopsided, a little uneven, and fairly imperfect but I whipped him together in an afternoon and I am fairly sure my grandma will love him regardless of his imperfections.

Added a little tag "homemade with love" the idea came directly from this article from Design Sponge and these little tags are now my new shop item tags/business cards but I have so many I am really enjoying just playing around with different messages. I might make some up for the epic amount of baking I hope to get done this weekend. I have fallen in love with not 1 but 4 cupcake recipes and I want to try them all!

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