Monday, July 23, 2012

St. John's Block Party

A summer would not be complete without the St. John's Block Party. It is by far the best local music festival in town and it gets better every year! This year they cut it down to one day but that did not mean that they skimped! The bands that played this year included: Pink Mink, Six Mile Grove, Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles, Martin Zellar, Solid Gold, and Ok Go.

All the bands were good (I have a girl crush on the lead singer from Pink Mink now!) but Solid Gold and Ok Go stole the  show! I have been obsessed with Solid Gold for a good while now. They played St. John's two years ago and it was mind blowingly good. They did not disappoint this year!

My blurry pictures do not do them justice. They are ALL super attractive. That also wins them points ; )

I had never seen Ok Go before this concert. I had of course heard some of their more popular songs that got radio play and had seen some of their videos but nothing prepared me for how good they were! Not that I was expecting them to be bad, but I did not expect them to become one of my new favorite bands. They also quickly shot up into my Top 5 concerts of All Time list. They sounded amazing live- which is kind of the point if you are going to play music for a living right? I might go so far as to say that I liked them better live than their recordings. The singer's voice is just so good. I kind of felt like he was singing to my soul. Then the played a song on handbells. HANDBELLS! I think I swooned.

Did I mention that they love confetti almost as much as I do?! Any band who uses a confetti cannon AT ALL during a show is in my good book, but they used it a ton! It was so hot out that confetti just kind of stuck to everyone. It was magical.

Since the concert I have been officially obsessed. I watched every music video I could find and I am quickly working on gathering their music into my own itunes library.  I am really in love with their creativity. I am adding 'work on an OK Go music video' to my bucket list.

Any other good outdoor concerts happening?

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