Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Simple skirt recon

Sometimes I have great ideas and other times it takes me awhile before I have one of those 'duh' moments. This is the latter. A few months ago I bought a skirt at a thrift store that I really liked and it was labeled my size so I bought it without trying it on. Well I got it home and it was too tight. In a fit of dissapointment it got thrown onto a pile of 'scrap' clothes in my craft room to be forgotten for awhile. Then this past week I decided that I needed something new to wear to the Soundset music festival. (A full closet of clothes and I really wanted something new!) Anyhoo I found this skirt in my scrap pile and went to work.

At first I was going to try to make it into a dress by adding a waistband and then sewing it to the top of a t-shirt. This did not go as planned so I kept it as a skirt. Remember how it didn't fit? Well all I had to do was to look at it for a second to realize that I could take off the waistband, remove the zipper, take out 2 pleats in the back where it would not be too noticeable and just sew it onto my new waistband (a strip of elastic cut to size). SIMPLE. Seriously, it was like this skirt was waiting for me to figure out how to make it awesome. Now it has a comfy stretchy waistband that I made to fit as a high waisted skirt. Layered over a tank top with a cardigan thrown over it I am ready for anything. Yeah new skirt!!!!

 Not too different but oh so much better!

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